This is a story of a man, who has jumped from one uniformed group to the next.

When the man was a boy, he was more fortunate than some.  At least he had his father with him till the age of thirteen.  A nasty case of nasal cancer took his father away.  His mother has to venture again once into the working world after many years of staying at home as a typical housewife.  It is tough for a widow who has no sets of special skill.  The world outside is able to bring any widow to her knees, but it is no match for a mother armed with a fierce determination to bring up the son.

Bring up the son, she did. It is no small feat. Taking two jobs at times, the family managed to pull through after all these years.  One of the greatest gifts in life in which the mother has given to the son is that of thanksgiving.  She is content with what she has and is grateful to many in her life.  Living life with a persistent sense of thanksgiving has been such bliss even when the world around you crumbles.

The son has the privilege of journeying with his mother in the Chinese RCIA at the Church of Holy Cross.  He was her sponsor. Fr Frans De Ridder was the wonderful Spiritual Director then.

Her baptism became the son’s greatest source of thanksgiving.  Her faith did not just end at baptism, as in some cases.  God placed fellow parishioners around her to encourage her to join the ministry of RCIA and the Chinese charismatic group.  Though she has ensured that her son has received a decent education, the mother is not highly educated.   Bible sharing, writing testimony and prayers are new challenges for her.  Her newly found sisters in Christ encouraged her and helped her in any way they can.  They were the human face of the Catholic Church.

You can imagine the son’s surprise, when he returned from the sailing in the navy.  The son opened the door to find his mother reading the bible, praying the rosary or simply doing silent meditation.  The faith given to the mother goes beyond that of a cradle Catholic who only attends Sunday masses each week.  The son is immensely thankful to God for His love in the family.

The widow and her son learned many things together in the mother’s journey of faith.  When the son was young, the mother tirelessly taught him to read, write and shared with him on the ways of the world.  It seemed apt that when the son has grown up, he is able to return in kind to share with his mother on the love of God.  That joy is indescribable.

The son’s only family left, his mother, has nurtured this passion for Christ in him.  It is a privilege to be able to see one’s own mother growing in faith each day.  It is a blessing of such a magnitude that one is filled with a tremendous amount of thanksgiving and gratitude.  The son longed to serve God, and God willing, to return in kind the blessing he has received.

The journey continues.