It has been a flurry of activity for us at the seminary recently, ever since our move to our new building situated within the parish of St. Joseph’s Church (Upper Bukit Timah) in July. After settling down, we were blessed to experience a series of momentous ‘firsts’ in this month of August.

On the eve of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we held Solemn Vespers for the first time in our chapel, with Fr Jovita Ho (on holiday from his studies in Rome) and the Franciscan friars in formation (who reside nearby) in attendance. After giving a tour of the premises, we then proceeded to our rooftop for our first ever barbeque and fellowship session.

It was an evening of many precious memories. We pray that we may have many more moments of beauty such as these as we continue to build community in this area of Singapore!