Message from the Rector

Many young people struggle to find meaning in what they do once they enter the workforce. Those in ‘prestigious’ jobs may seem that they “have it all” but would be still asking the question: “is this what life is all about?” It is in this context that we have come up with this year’s theme for Good Shepherd Sunday – a Life or Alive?

Some twenty plus years ago, I myself felt conflicted. After working for about 9 years, with my latest posting overseas, I had come to realise that life is much more than just trying to climb the corporate ladder. It took a lot of discernment and spiritual direction, to muster the courage of coming to the decision of radically giving up all those years of employment.

Little did I realise that only after quitting my job and deciding to cross the threshold, that I felt a sudden sense of peace enveloping me. I had now the opportunity as a seminarian to just focus on fully being a disciple of Jesus Himself. This had been something I had been wanting all these years and life finally made sense!

I am now in my fourteenth year of the priesthood and there is still so much more to learn. Having been appointed as Rector of the Major Seminary in May 2018, I now see a shift in my priestly vocation to nurture young men to lead a life which Christ has set out for them.

For the young men and women who are discerning, my advice is to ask “am I contented with the way I am living my Christian life?” If the answer is no, then do make an appointment with the various Vocation Directors in the Archdiocese for a chat.

Father Valerian Cheong



Message from our Spiritual Father

My call to take the road less traveled began with the call to the Lasallian Brotherhood and to serve in many schools such as St Patrick’s.

I subsequently felt the call within my call to consider the diocesan priesthood. I entered the seminary in 2009 and discovered that the ministerial priesthood was more than just ‘doing’. One must ‘be’ an alter Christus! The peace that the Lord gave me on my priestly ordination affirmed His call and galvanized me to do all that He requires to the best of my ability.

I had never thought that I would be called to be the Spiritual Father of the Diocesan Seminary. I felt that there were others more qualified than I to take this role. However, in this season, I have responded to the call to be a companion to the seminary community and I am grateful for these joyful seminarians.

There are many qualities that would indicate a possible vocation to the diocesan priesthood but I will focus on two.

First, the person must be serious about his relationship with God and clear about his call as a missionary disciple of Jesus. There must be trust and dependence on God’s grace and mercy. Arising from this basic call is a heartfelt knowledge that the Lord may be calling him to the diocesan priesthood even though he may feel unworthy.

Second, the person must have interest to serve in the local Church and its mission. He must be ready to be a priest for all people like Jesus the Good Shepherd – and not to serve only a particular group of people.

May the same Good Shepherd always guide you in your discernment!

Father Edward Seah