To begin the new academic year, the seminary community was blessed to have the presence of our Archbishop over 3 days to guide us towards his vision of “A Community of Brothers for the Mission of Communion”.

Leading by example, His Grace shared with us his own experience of being a man of communion, inspiring us to be men of communion within our own seminary community first.

He taught us that it is only when we learn to love one another within the seminary, build true friendships among ourselves, are able to be self-giving to one another amidst all our histories, personalities and differences, that we will be able to love God’s flock that is entrusted to us. And also we can only love one another when we are convinced of our identity as sons of God the Father; when we have learned to have healthy self-love, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance.

I was inspired by the three principles he shared which are (1) praying together and (2) playing together to build deep friendships and true relationships; and then (3) working together will flow automatically and naturally, because we have fallen in love with Jesus. It is only then that we are able to carry out our mission together as a community.

Please continue to pray for us as we continue to build a culture of authentic relationships within the seminary!


written by Br Andrew Lin