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From Sceptic to Believer – Br Shaun Lim

As a result of this prompting, I went on a personal pilgrimage to Rome Vatican, it was there that I had had another deep God-encounter and fell in love with the Church and all it represents. I felt the call to priesthood most intensely when I was in Rome. I broke down several times (crying inconsolably) while praying as I felt I was unworthy. But then, who among us is worthy?

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From the Wilderness back to church – Br Justin Yip

At that point in time, I was still attached to my girlfriend and we were experiencing some problems in our relationship, in part due to this sense that I had that God was calling me to be His priest. I was extremely confused about what God wanted for me, about His will for me in terms of vocations. And so, at the end of that frustrating day, I forced myself to pray and poured all my frustrations to God. Thankfully, He answered my prayers and assured me that everything would turn out okay and that He was in control.


Beloved of my Father – Br Andrew Lin

For 10 years, this emptiness led me to search for love in the wrong places, turning to relationships with girls as a means of receiving love, hoping they could fulfil me. I placed my identity in my relationships, that only in being attached would I feel a sense of self-worth.

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