The Coat of Arms

On 1st December 2010, the Seminary officially launched its Coat of Arms. With its symbolic elements, the Coat of Arms serves as an expression of what the Seminary stands for, as well as a reminder to the Community of its identity. Below are the explanations of the various elements that make up the Coat of Arms.

The meaning of the Coat of Arms

Shield the “armour of God” (Eph 6:11-15) in our walk in God’s righteous ways as outlined in the seminary’s core values and to be ever-ready in the service of the Gospel.
Wheat Stalks and Grape Vines the Eucharistic spirituality of the seminary which aspires to form men who are passionately in love with the Eucharistic Lord and emulate Him in “laying down” their lives in the service of Communion.
Dove the centrality of the Holy Spirit who is the principal formator in seminary formation and is the source of our baptismal identity that calls us to passionate discipleship.
Heart with Flames of Fire and Crown of Thorns the Sacred Heart of Jesus which is burning with passionate love for all of humankind and our desire to unite our hearts with the heart of Christ in love for God and His Kingdom.
Cross the central Christian mystery of God’s salvific love and our call to be faithful in taking up our own cross daily and following the Lord in the way of love.
Shepherd’s Staff our aspiration to become shepherds after the heart of Christ who exercise pastoral charity for Christ’s flock. It also symbolises our communion with the Bishop and the Magisterium.
Net & Fish in the Sea the vastness of the mission fields for the Gospel and our missionary zeal to be “fishers of men” drawing all peoples into the Church.
Book of Gospel our love for the sacred scriptures and our desire to be effective preachers and doers of the Word in responding to our call to proclaim the Good News to the ends of the earth.
“SFXMS” & “1983” “SFXMS” is the initials of “St Francis Xavier Major Seminary” which was founded in 1983.
Banner with “Fidelity and Passion” The banner summarises the motto of the seminary which is “Fidelity to Christ, Passion in Response”&nbsp


Purple Represents the royalty of Christ’s Priesthood.
Gold Signify the glory of all who are called to share in the glory of Christ’s Resurrection and triumph over evil.
Blue The Marian colour which expresses our special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the Mother of our Saviour and Mother of the Church.